Lantern Workflow

Detroit's Tool Build Management Solution

Manage Tool Builds in Real Time

Lantern tracks every deliverable on every tool to ensure you know the verified status of all tooling from Kickoff to Homeline

Real Time Collaboration

Each team submits their required deliverable to provide a complete view of the tool build

Evidence Based Milestones

Access completed milestone deliverables to verify status and quality (e.g., Designs)

End to End Visibility

View complete tool build status and history to focus on at risk milestones before they become roadblocks

How it Works

Define the Timeline

As tooling is sourced, the build schedule is defined in Lantern with due dates, responsibilities, and deliverables

Verify Milestone Completion

Tooling suppliers must provide these deliverables in Lantern to verify the work is complete and maintain the schedule

Monitor Progress in Real Time

Lantern uses the evidence provided to display the current status and complete build history with access to all deliverables

Milestone Example

In this example The Build Team is asked to provide the completed Tool Design to Lantern and the designs need to be approved by Engineering before Lantern considers the milestone complete

  • Build team uploads Designs to Lantern

  • Lantern Notifies Engineering of Required Approval

  • Engineering Provides Feedback to Lantern

  • Lantern Notifies Build Team of Required Changes

  • Build Team Uploads Revised Designs

Additional Features

Customized Workflows

Define your workflows up front to match your ideal process and let Lantern ensure that process is followed.

Workflow Analysis

Lantern tracks past performance, enabling you to quickly see which milestones or suppliers are consistently late across all projects.


Stay agile by quickly updating your process based on past performance. Modify the process steps, redistribute the workload, or add additional approvals.

Email Updates

Daily emails remind teams which milestones they are responsible for and when they are due

Accessible Everywhere

Project status and project files are accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

External Collaboration

Collaboration isn’t limited to your team. Give external suppliers or customers limited access so they can provide updates or view progress.


Files and data are encrypted and saved in multiple locations to ensure your files are secure and always accessible.

File Sharing

Files in Lantern can be shared with any user by sharing a secure download link. No need to worry about attachment limitations or FTP connections.

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